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Rehab Services FAQ's

Q: Do I Have To Come To The STAVI Building For Training?

A: No. We go directly to your home so that you are comfortable in your own environment. Techniques are geared to your own setting.

Q: What Types Of Adaptive Devices Are Used?

A: Devices are based upon individual needs. They might include magnification devices, talking watches and/or large number watches, special vision glasses for watching television, talking calculators, check-writing guides, liquid level indicators, large print playing cards, large number telephones, etc.

Q: Are These Devices Free?

A: Funding is available, based upon individual needs. There are also resources to assist with the more expensive devices.

Q: What Types Of Adaptive Techniques Are Taught?

A: Coin Identification, adaptive cooking techniques, house-cleaning chores, searching techniques, safety techniques and tactile identification are all examples of the daily living skills that are taught.

Q: Is There A Cost For The Rehabilitative Services?

A: No. All of our rehabilitative services are free and are a part of being referred to us by your eye-care professional.