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STAVI uses legally blind workers to manufacture a line of Laser Toner Cartridges and Medical and Industrial Face Masks. We have been in the cartridge building business for the past 8 years and are just starting the face mask line. Our goal is to create meaninful employment opportunities for those who are legally blind in our communities. We work with New York State Preferred Source Program for People who are Blind to sell our products through the preffered source program. New York State buyers are directed to buy our products once it has been approved by the Office of General Services and the Procurement Council. STAVI then uses any revenue created as a result of our manufacturing to give back to our communities for those who are in need of our Low Vision Services and/or Rehabilitation Services. To see our products, as well as other products manufacutered by New Yorkers who are blind, please visit the NYSPSP.org web site. (www.NYSPSP.org)

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